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Beset spol. s.r.o. is the exclusive distributor of GREYCORTEX s.r.o. solutions for Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. The GREYCORTEX Mendel system brings an innovative view on the security of network traffic.

What is your security level?

Currently, the standard form of computer network security is the deployment of a firewall and the actual supervision of network operation by network administrators. The level of external security usually varies depending on the quality of the technology deployed, the level of additional services provided and the regularity of solution updates, the currency of the threat database and support. Despite the deployment of the aforementioned security features, the internal segment of the network may be penetrated. Penetration will allow attackers to install malicious codes (e.g. ransomware, malware, worm, Trojan, spyware…), which can, for example, encrypt data and make it inaccessible or delete it, collect sensitive data, capture access data using keyloggers, create various forms of backdoor access for attackers to your network…

How does GREYCORTEX work?

GREYCORTEX Mendel provides a complete and accurate real-time overview of what is happening on your network. It uses state-of-the-art detection techniques and offers an immediate solution to known and unknown vulnerabilities and issues facing the network. Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, it reveals vulnerabilities and weaknesses in infrastructure that cannot be detected by traditional security solutions. It will enable you to effectively stop attacks on your network, helping you combat modern forms of cybercrime as well as performance issues leading to network instability. It provides continuous monitoring of all devices communicating on your network. Based on sophisticated behavioral analysis, the system allows you to detect anomalous behavior in individual network segments, specific devices and their contacts with the internal and external environment by monitoring traffic.

What does GREYCORTEX meet?

GREYCORTEX Mendel supports the fulfilment of the requirements of Act No. 69/2018 Coll. No. 95/2019 Coll. No. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data, meets the criteria of the security audit of ISO/IEC 27000 standards. GREYCORTEX Mendel is an ideal tool for possible forensic analysis of security incidents for the needs of the customer, but also for the needs of reporting incidents to the national CSIRT unit. (Reporting of cyber security incidents by digital service providers – obligation, § 25, Act on Cyber Security, 69/2018)

GREYCORTEX Mendel complies with the requirements for GDPR in the areas of movement of sensitive and personal data on the computer network, analyzes who accesses sensitive data and from where, and how sensitive data is transmitted over the computer network. The system monitors and evaluates the overall network communication.

The biggest advantages of installing GREYCORTEX Mendel include:

  • elimination of infrastructure outages due to operational and security incidents
  • reduction of incident resolution time
  • reducing the risk of data leakage and loss of corporate reputation
  • making the work of network administrators and analysts easier and more efficient
  • avoiding financial damage, time loss and increased costs for human resources or external services

By deploying the system, the customer will get an integrated product into their IT environment, which will ultimately reduce operational costs, simplify network management and ensure compatibility between the spectrum of services operated.

When opting for GREYCORTEX Mendel, an environment analysis is an initial step that is always carried out before the actual installation, but also when using integration services. As part of the analysis of an organization’s existing environment, we try as much as possible to get to know the environment where the GREYCORTEX Mendel solution will be operated to ensure optimal sizing of the solution directly to the customer’s needs.

Part of the deployment of any good system is training. That’s why we offer training not only for GREYCORTEX Mendel system administrators and operators who work with the system on a daily basis, but also specialized training for managers. Our team also provides other services.

Are you interested?

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