About us

Customer's satisfaction is on the first place

Integrated management system

We do not adapt just to the conditions and requirements at the market, but constantly strive for the improvement of quality of supplied solutions and provided services. For us, the customer´s satisfaction is on the fist place and gradually, step by step, we have built the Integrated Management System (IMS) for quality management system, information security management system, IT service management system and environmental management system in accordance with the international standards:

  • EN ISO 9001 Quality management system
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information security management system
  • ISO/IEC 20000 IT service management system
  • EN ISO 14001 Environmental management system

All the above certificates are annually defended by us at the external audits carried out by certified auditing companies. This guarantees the continuous maintenance of system approach and optimisation of all activities and processes within the company when providing products and services. The aim is to understand the needs of our customers and to fulfil their requirements and to provide services at the utmost level in the field of quality, security and information protection in accordance with the principles of environmental protection.

Corporate Policy

We shall help also you

Thanks to the long-term experience in the field of implementation and assurance of management systems, we offer the possibility to implement the management systems or the integration of already established management systems into one unit.

We are able to provide the services in the field of implementation, assurance and optimisation of the following management systems:

  • Quality management system (EN ISO 9001)
  • Information security management system (ISO/IEC 27001)
  • IT service management system (ISO/IEC 20000)
  • Environmental management system (EN ISO 14001)