About us

Beset is the long-term provider of IT products and services

Information about the Company

Who we are

Beset has been the reliable and significant provider of IT products and services for 30 years already. Being the system integrator, we deliver the complex information technology solutions on the basis of standard products, yet prevailingly we provide tailored solutions, developed pursuant to the customer´s requests. We implement the projects in various fields for both private and public sphere.

What is done by us

We offer the solutions in the field of IT infrastructure, information security, IT service management and tailored software development from analysis, design, implementation up to the maintenance of delivered software and hardware solutions to our customers.

Since 1993 already, we have brought the complex professional solutions, quality services, reliability, promptness, high level of information system implementation and the subsequent care after the information system as a whole to our customers.


The history of the company is rich, since its establishment, it has adapted to the market requirements and conditions. It entered the IT market in 1993 and it acted under the name ICL Slovakia till 2002. Then, it acted under the name Fujitsu Services till 2004, when it came to the change in its name to Beset and a Slovak subject became its owner.

Certificates and Confirmations

We have built the integrated management system. As the first ever IT company in Slovakia, we managed to get the quality management system certificate pursuant to ISO 9001 in April 1994. Gradually, the information security certificate pursuant to ISO 27001 followed in 2005 and in 2007, the environmental management system certificate pursuant to ISO 14 001 was successfully defended. In 2017, the company extended the collection of certificates by IT service management system and it successfully defended the ISO 20000 certification.

For the needs of getting familiar with, forwarding and creation of classified information, we have been the holder of the Facility Security Clearance Certificate for security classification level „Confidential“, issued by the National Security Authority of the SR, since 2009.

In recent years, the direction of the company went also the way of active participation and operation in the projects focused on science and research. We connect the experts from academic field and private sector with the aim to combine the knowledge and experience for the challenges in the field of information technologies. Our effort was sealed by the Certificate of Capacity for Research and Development, issued by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the SR.

All the given certificates are annually successfully defended by us, whereby we provide our contemporary and prospective customers and partners with the guarantee the obtained information is reliably protected and the supplied products and services incorporate the necessary principles and parameters of processed data protection. We are provably able to provide and ensure the products and services at the utmost level in the field of quality, security and information protection in accordance with the principles of environmental protection.

Why Beset

We strive for the achievement of our objectives through qualified and experienced programming engineers, professional management, the selection of quality staff and using know-how for the development and implementation of systems of any scope for various fields in both private and public sector.