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We have the best qualification for creation of functioning and reliable information system

System Integration

What is Offered by us

IN the form of complex services, the experienced team of experts offers the professional assistance in all stages of information system development in various fields of activity of an organisation and for various market segments.

Quality information system belongs to the most important preconditions for the prosperity of a business subject now. The need for IS is implied by the role of information on constantly changing market. The development of IS has a character of a long-term project with specific properties, demands for the supplier and user and its implementation may not limit the business activities. The IS may consist in several components and its design, implementation and operation shall significantly affect the operation of the business, which is related to major problems and risks. We have the following qualification for successful management of all risks related to the development of IS:

  • A broad portfolio of HW and SW products
  • Contractual partner relationship with recognized suppliers
  • Certified methods for project management and implementation
  • Professional team of employees

We render services defined by the needs of every project within the system integration. The scope of services depends upon the size of the project and the customer´s needs. The necessary services usually include:

Analysis, Consulting and Proposals of Information Strategies

In this stage, we analyse the customer´s need regarding the system. On the basis of the analysis and the information strategy elaboration, we propose the target condition of the technical equipment, software applications and the method of IS operation in order to achieve maximum benefits with regards to the business subject.

Supply of Complete IT and Network Infrastructure

These services are intended for complex integrated projects and for the customers wanting to communicate just with one partner who shall ensure all the supplies and professionally cover the entire project.

Project Management and IS Implementation

We have trained and experienced specialists for the field of IS/IT project management, who significantly contribute to the successful implementation of the project and IS in the form of methodological assistance and know-how provision.

The service is provided by assigning a project manager who shall carry out the necessary acts in cooperation with the other professionals and who shall bear the responsibility for project implementation in accordance with the approved plan and budget.

Service Support

Administration and maintenance of IT infrastructure and its prophylaxis are the part of the supply and construction of the information system. It includes the complex support of operation, maintenance and modernisation of IS on the basis of the conditions specified in the service contract.

Benefits of system integration: 

  • Qualified proposal of a solution shall enable the achievement of required benefits at reasonable costs,
  • The integrated solution from a single supplier ensures the functioning of the IS as a whole, and
  • The quality project preparation of the IS shall enable the optimum interlacing of corporate know-how with progressive methods of production and distribution process management.

Conditions for Service Provision

The scope and volume of provided services shall be defined on the basis of the customer´s requirements. The successful definition of requirements and subsequent successful implementation of services requires the mutual openness and trust in the provision and making available of information and documents from the side of the customer.