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Research, Development and Innovation

We Change Present Time for Better Future

We provide services with high added value and while developing quality tailored software a focus on the new trends and progressive procedures have been a must. In 2015, the cooperation with various partners, inter alia with scientific organisations, ended in the obtaining of the Certificate of Capacity for Research and Development issued by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

Research and Innovation Operation Programme

Research and Innovation operation programme represents the complementary form of Lisbon Strategy for Slovakia aiming to assist in the balanced development of research in the individual regions of the Slovak Republic and to improve the conditions for the implementation of national and international projects. Its objective is to improve knowledge and innovation for growth, in particular to increase and improve the investments in research and technical development and to make the innovation easier via the combination of scientific sphere and the application of research and development results in practice. At the international level, these are the programmes such as HORIZON 2020, EUROSTARS, Eureka, etc. focused on more efficient international cooperation of SMEs and the growth of research and development in the EU.

A specific objective is the modernisation and improvement of the technical infrastructure of research and development with the aim to improve the capacity of research and development institutes to efficiently cooperate with research institutes in the EU and abroad, as well as with the subjects from social and economic practice through knowledge and technology transfer.

Our Partners

In order to fulfil the objectives and requirements of operation programme, we cooperate with the whole range of scientific organisations in both Slovakia and Europe.

  • Comenius University in Bratislava
  • Catholic University in Ružomberok
  • Oxford University
  • Heidelberg University
  • Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna
  • European Organisation for Nuclear Research CERN

What we are Working on

Nowadays, we participate in the research project named the „Project of Industrial Research of Technology of Autonomous Production Cycle in accordance with Industry 4.0 Concept“ with an intention to contribute to the establishment of new concepts, such as Internet of Objects and Industry 4.0, in the environment of production companies by means of scientific and subsequently also business activity of investigating companies. The implementation space is geographically aligned with the Danubian region boundaries, while it will contribute to the basic objective of the Danubian strategy with its contents and outputs as well.

The project of applied research AV-Sfactory aims to build the complex system of tools, concepts and methods with a great implementation potential in industrial production enterprises.

We do not want to develop a particular solution for a particular real business opportunity. With our research, we want rather to support the establishment of absolutely new system of work, methods and technological procedures and tools that shall facilitate the implementation of a great objective – the new technical revolution, the revolution of stage 4. The revolution in the sense of technological progress, in the sense of production shift, the change in acquisition and satisfaction of the needs of a modern man in accord with both the opportunities and intrigues of present time and future challenges.

We want to support research and development of procedures and technologies that shall consider the needs of society in a broad-spectrum and complex manner, not only from the point of view of the essence and purpose of the product itself, but also in accord with economic, environmental, social and legislative requirements of a modern society.

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